I met this girl,
She has this problem
The girl never sleeps
She talks to me fast
And she bounces her knee
I worry about her
For days she can’t eat
She says that she’s fine
But her muscles feel weak
Used to burn green
But now she just tweaks
The girl still can’t sleep
She still talks to me fast
But now struggles to breathe
I worry about her
Her bathroom scale says 93
She can’t walk up the stairs
Her thin legs are too weak
Even the aches and the pains
Won’t convince her to eat
Her speech is so scattered
She says she can’t think
This poor little girl
Had the world at her feet
Once had so many friends
Now her phone never rings
Through tears she tells me
How she’s lost everything
I say,

 “Darling, don’t worry, You’ll always have me.”

 By: Lauren Fanning / Bloody (MentalBloody)


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