With the pipe empty and it’s contents now flowing through my bodies system, the RUSH has begun once again. This is what my cravings consist of and I can’t seem to satisfy them enough. But I keep trying.

      My green eyes are now completely black and darting faster than my heart is racing, pounding, beating inside my chest. The walls are shaking, this bed is vibrating, my world is filled with color and all that surrounds me is indescribably.. perfect.

      I’m in love with a mixture of chemicals and I’m convinced the man responsible for creating that mixture is a goddamn scientific genius. How could anything other than that be true? The proof was in the drug, and now its in my body. I don’t understand how something this incredible is attained with little to no effort at all. I almost wish it were more difficult but I know if it was, I’d wish it wasn’t.

      All it takes is a few phone calls, a little bit of cash and a quick parking lot exchange with some skinny guy you met through your friend’s twacked out brother’s roommate’s sister.. or something like that. That’s it, that’s all it takes to hold something that can replace the love of your life, just in the palm of your hands.

      It really makes me wonder sometimes, why isn’t everyone a meth addict?

     And then I remember it’s because most people aren’t this reckless, most people are afraid to die.

By: Lauren Fanning / Bloody (MentalBloody)


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