Drug addiction isn’t that exciting.

I know, you’re bummed.

You were picturing car chases, right? Back alley transactions?


It’s a lot of sitting around, waiting for the drugs, waiting for the high, loneliness.

A lot of downs, dingy rooms and awkward encounters, texts that are never answered and calls that are never returned.

A lot of looking at pictures on the internet.


A lot of dreaming.

A lot of bullshit.

A lot of normalcy.

That’s how drug addictions thrive…you couldn’t pick me out on a bus or on the sidewalk and say “That girl right there, she’s fucked up.

You were picturing the meth head right?

The hollowed cheeks, the bugs in the skin?

That’s not how it is for me.

The point is no one notices, no one stops you.

Trust me, it’s nearly impossible to become a drug addict if you’re not a good actress.

I’ve come to learn that nothing is easier to act, than the role of a normal person.

We’re all fucked up.

You couldn’t pick me out in the middle of a crowd because my poison is merely different from everyone else’s poison.

Mine just happens to be rotting my insides.

By: Lauren Fanning / Bloody (MentalBloody™)


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